Riannti was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. She graduated from State University of Jakarta majoring in English Language Teaching. It was by that time she began to start writing her own songs, as she had several classes of poetry and drama.


In 2007, she became the lead singer and songwriter for Maru and was able to spread her music throughout Indonesia vis-à-vis Indonesian radio stations.


She released an album by Maru called “For the Times” in 2008. Subsequently, her music gained wide acceptance throughout Indonesia; after which, she decided to go solo and build her own singing career.


As a member of “The Pack”, an international collection of artists, Riannti’s music started gaining traction in Europe through radio programs such as “The Fox’s Den” on Vixen 101 FM, located in the United Kingdom.


Her first solo album “All Night” was released in 2013 and caught the attention of international songwriters/producers such as Keith Martin, John B. Sutherland and Alan Roy Scott.


The album “All Night” was supported with the release of two videos. The first video was for the title track of the album “All Night”.


The second video was for the track “Miss You” and was intended to show a different side of Riannti.


This led to a few very meaningful collaborations, and being commissioned by companies like Sophie Paris – Indonesia’s biggest local fashion brand – for writing, producing and singing tunes for their commercials.


More radio channels – Fame Music Radio and Radio Indie Alliance – showed interest and her most recent song “Free” has been featured in both charts for more than 30 weeks after reaching the nr. 1 position in both.


Based on the radio success of the single “Free”, a promotional video was produced and released in support.


Riannti is also collaborating with various international and local DJs.

Some of these projects were published recently.








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